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10 Best Dust Free Cat Litters

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Kate Berrigton / Cats.com

Most cat litter products are not completely dust free. There is still a chance that your cat will track some dust throughout your house no matter what product you buy, but the ones we want to cover in this article for you are the best ones to use to keep the tracking low.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Dust Free Cat Litter

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Want a quick look at the products reviewed in this article? In the comparison table below, we’ve highlighted some of the most important features of each product. You’ll find more detailed information about each product later in the article.

Best Overall
Picked by 31 people today!

ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter

  • Fights odors for seven days
  • Clumps very well and absorbs even better
  • Made naturally, so it’s biodegradable
$24.99 At Chewy
Runner Up
Picked by 21 people today!

Fresh News Recycled Paper Original Crumble Litter

  • Unscented formula
  • Virtually dust-free
  • Made from 100% recycled paper
Best Affordable
Picked by 25 people today!

sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter

  • Quick clumping for easy cleaning
  • Environmentally safe
  • No strong scents
Best for Asthma
Picked by 21 people today!

Cat's Pride Fresh Ultimate Care Lightweight Unscented Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat Litter

  • One of the most inexpensive options
  • Clumps to clean up easy and control odor
  • Works longer than most other cat litter options
Best Clumping Litter
Picked by 18 people today!

Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

  • Great odor eliminator
  • Very good at clumping and eliminating dust
  • Affordable

Now, we are going to show you some of the best cat litter products on the market that are not only safe for your cat and of high quality but also create little dust for you to have to deal with.

#1 ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter

There is a reason that the ökocat litter is considered one of the best that you can buy. Even though it is expensive, it clumps very well and leaves little to no dust behind for you to deal with. It is also a powerful odor blocker, keeping odors at bay in even multiple-cat households for up to a week.

This extremely absorbent litter can take in up to five times its mass in cat byproducts, so you should have no problem leaving the litter for as long as a week without it making a huge mess. You may have a problem with your cat tracking some of it out of the litter box, and cats do like to play with the clumps, which they may eat or get stuck to their fur.


  • Fights odors for seven days
  • Clumps very well and absorbs even better
  • Made naturally, so it’s biodegradable


  • No dust, but still messy sometimes
  • A rather expensive option

#2 Fresh News Recycled Paper Original Pellet Litter

Some natural cat litters still kick up a cloud of dust but recycled paper litter is generally pretty dust-free. Fresh News comes in both a pelleted litter and a softer crumbled litter. The crumble formula is ideal for kittens and cats who have sensitive paws.

This is an unscented litter made entirely from biodegradable materials. The litter is infused with baking soda to help neutralize odors, though non-clumping litter typically doesn’t perform as well in this area as clumping litters.

Not only is this litter virtually dust-free, but the pellet version is very low-tracking thanks to the larger granule size. The crumbled variety may track a little more simply because it is lighter weight and may stick to your cat’s paws.


  • Unscented formula
  • Virtually dust-free
  • Made from 100% recycled paper


  • Not a clumping formula
  • May have limited odor-controlling properties

#3 sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-Natural Clumping Cat Litter

This litter will clump very quickly, so if you want to get rid of the litter as it is used, then you can, without dumping out all the rest of the litter box.

The 100% biodegradable litter is safe for the environment and for your cats. It’s also potent enough for homes with multiple cats. If you have a sensitive cat that doesn’t like strong scents, then this is an ideal litter for them since it contains no fragrances or dyes.

That can mean that it doesn’t kill odors as effectively as some other brands of cat litter, but it does a decent job.


  • Quick clumping for easy cleaning
  • Environmentally safe
  • No strong scents


  • Kind of pricey
  • Not the most effective odor killer

#4 Cat’s Pride Fresh Ultimate Care Lightweight Unscented Hypoallergenic Multi-Cat Litter

Read Our Full Brand Review

For every sensitive cat that has allergies and other sensitive issues, this as a good pick. It is made with hypoallergenic ingredients that keep your cat from having a bad reaction to the litter. It’s also priced to sell and offers one of the best values in cat litter.

There is little dust for you to have to clean up afterwards, but it will be a bit dustier than some of the other choices on this list, so you ought to know that going in.


  • One of the most inexpensive options
  • Clumps to clean up easy and control odor
  • Works longer than most other cat litter options


  • Not as dust free as some of the other cat litters on this list

#5 Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

Considered by many to be the most cost effective and best value cat litter on the market, this Arm & Hammer product is great at eliminating dust tracking from your life. It also seals in odors and kills a lot of the bacteria that causes odors, making it one of the most effective odor eliminators you can buy.


  • Great odor eliminator
  • Very good at clumping and eliminating dust
  • Affordable


  • Strong scent may be unpleasant

#6 Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

This powerful cat litter kills odors as soon as it comes into contact with them. It also clumps immediately and keeps odors from spreading and the litter from being overly saturated. That makes for some easy litter box cleaning and a mostly dust free litter box area.

Some cats don’t like the smell of the pellets in Feline Pine’s cat litter, but most of them should not mind. It’s also kind expensive when compared to some other other litter products on this list, so you may want to do a price comparison before you decide on a litter to use.


  • Gets rid of odors fast
  • Clumps to create and easy cleaning litter
  • Very little dust to deal with


  • Costs a lot for the size
  • Smell may be unpleasant for people and cats

#7 Boxiecat Extra Strength Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter

This is one of the gentlest cat litters for cats because it contains no odors to offend their sensitive noses. There are no fragrances or dyes, and yet this litter manages to eliminate odors very well.

The price is decent for the amount of litter you get, and there should be almost no dust at all when your cats use the litter box. On the downside, it may not always clump, and that inconsistent performance can make it frustrating for some cat owners.


  • Almost no dust for you to clean up or for cats to track
  • Works well with multiple cats
  • Powerful odor control
  • No scent to put up with


  • Does not always clump like it should

#8 Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

Using dust free cat litter is a good way to reduce some health risks associated with litter dust. That’s why Blue Buffalo’s cat litter product is a good option.

It creates very little dust since it clumps quickly and effectively. That ensures that your cats cannot track dust all over the house, but the clumps can stick to the cats’ fur, and that can spread the litter where you don’t want it.

This particular litter is incredibly absorbent, and you can use the same tray full of litter for up to a week even with multiple cats in the house. After that, you will need to change it out.


  • All natural and safe for your cats
  • Clumps very well
  • No dust to speak of the majority of the time


  • Pellets can become sticky and muddy and attach to fur

#9 Jonny Cat Complete Multi-Cat Clay Litter Bag

If you are trying to save money on cat litter, then Jonny Cat is the way to go. It is the cheapest option on this list by far, but it is also not very consistent.

That means that sometimes it will clump okay and sometimes it won’t, and if you have problems with your cat tracking dust through the house, then that may be an issue with this cat litter as well.

When it works, it does a wonderful job of keeping dust out of your house and odors from spreading, but if you want a better quality product, you are going to have to pay more for it.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Made to reduce stress
  • Excellent clumping


  • Inconsistent quality
  • Does not always clump like it should

#10 Fresh Step Scented Clay, Non-Clumping Cat Litter

You should know that this is a scented cat litter, and that means that your cat may not like it much, if its nose is very sensitive. Most cats will be just fine with it, though, and the scent does a good job of getting rid of or hiding cat odors.

If your cat’s litter has smelled really bad in the past, then you may want something this potent, but you need to be aware of the possible fragrant smell. It’s not for everyone.

The value here is pretty decent, as you get a lot of litter for the price. Plus, Fresh Step has created a litter that activates only when it is in use, so you won’t have to deal with the fragrance all the time, and your cat might not be bothered by it. This is a great product for controlling odors, and it clumps well too, which makes it easy to clean up after your cat.


  • Great value
  • Superb at getting rid of odors
  • Fragrance activates only when litter is being used


  • May be too fragrant for you or your cats

What To Consider Before Buying Dust Free at Litter?

Don’t just choose one of the products we list here and think that all your cat litter problems will be solved. Here are a few things to think about as you are preparing to find the right litter for your cat:

  • Dust free litter will clump- Clumping litter is considered the best kind of litter by PetHealthNetwork.com and other reliable cat care resources, and that’s what most dust free litter is. This kind of litter is easy to scoop out and it is easy to just get rid of the litter that has already been used.
  • Watch for muddy litter- Litter that does not create dust may go in the opposite direction and become muddy when it gets too soaked. You can avoid this by buying quality litter and by changing out the litter regularly.
  • Know your cat’s preferences- Your cat may not like the litter you chose, even if you are happy with it, and you need to be prepared to change it out for something else. Try to start with a small bag of any new litter first to try it out on your cat. That way, you won’t waste much money.
  • Beware of cat allergens and sensitivities- There are other things to consider when buying cat litter beyond how little dust it leaves behind. You also need to pay attention to whether it causes an allergic reaction in your cat or if it is something that is too strong smelling for your cat.

Why Trust Cats.com

Along with other members of the Cats.com team, I’ve personally purchased, tested, and reviewed over two dozen of the most popular cat litter brands and more than 50 individual litter products. The products were purchased at full retail price and the entire testing process was funded by Cats.com without direct input or influence from the companies involved.

When testing low dust cat litter products, I use them in my own home for at least ten days. I make observations about the litter’s appearance, granule size, scent, and dust level when pouring it into the litter box. I also test the litter for odor control, ease of scooping, and tracking. Our cats make their opinions known when they show preference for one product over another.

Now that you have seen our choices, we hope you can find something that works well in your situation. You may have to try a few of these out before you find something that is compatible with your cat’s need and sensitivities, and one of these should be the perfect fit.

About Mallory Crusta

Mallory is an NAVC-certified Pet Nutrition Coach. Having produced and managed multimedia content across several pet-related domains, Mallory is dedicated to ensuring that the information on Cats.com is accurate, clear, and engaging. When she’s not reviewing pet products or editing content, Mallory enjoys skiing, hiking, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. She has two cats, Wessie and Forest.

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  1. MJ Selvaggio

    Love Worlds Best Cat Litter I’ve been using SINCE 2000. I’ve used this with multiple cats;I’ve had 3 Cat family & now my 1 precious Ragdoll. Can’t help but mention as she’s been a gift from God(my 😇🐾girl)& therapy Cat.
    Back to the litter it clumps well; Original Green bag is the softest (ALL my Cats have ❤️)but to increase clumping I mix some of their MultiCat litter as I usually pick out soon after using Litterbox. Original clumps well I’ve noticed if maybe 1/2 hr later clumps firmer. I pick out the Litterboxs several X’s/ day & add some fresh(to me esp if live in Apt easy/Boxes clean Cats happy, people too) I probably use 3/4 Original::1/4 Multi(or 2/3 :: 1/3). This litter’s also very lightweight(FYI:I have disabilities,very petite & was a Nurse).Plus @ least for now if you call the Company they’ll send you Coupons(🤔$2.00& $5.00)& very nice. I’d say only negative bit pricey but worth it. Esp. with coupons (they send ASAP) & how long it lasts I think comparable to some of others. Good for environment. I only have to empty them every 3?4? weeks still looks very clean(but to cats nose NG as you know)!Keep sm trash can near Boxes with Plastic bags it’s easy, hygienic & after BM(poop) tie bag & place in Larger trash bag. I find this pretty close to dust free(I have Allergies so can attest to),tracking I’d say minimal I put a mat under Boxes but so it extends in front of box. I do one other thing part my system(? enough). More info than asked but obviously love & hope this helps.
    I’ve worked with animals(unofficially studied Feline diseases,behavior++ & research pretty much all) lifelong love of animals but Cats# 1. One last thought I love Stainless Steel Scoops(hygienic) there’s a certain type that aren’t always easy to find. They scoop great & not sifting? forever & usually”pee clumps”don’t break up.
    PS:No I don’t work for them lol… Maybe TMI🤔