No One Wanted This Cat, Now He’s Living His Best Life With His New Mom

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Care4Cats has helped thousands of felines in need throughout the years. And while each has a story worth telling, one with an especially heartening journey will stick with Anna, the nonprofit’s president, for years to come.

A ‘horrible, heartbreaking’ cry.

One day, while Anna was helping animals at a local cat colony in Ibiza, where Care4Cats operates, a noise stopped her in her tracks.

“I heard this crying—like, a really heartbreaking crying,” she said, adding that the whimper definitely wasn’t “just a meow.”

When she turned to see where the noise was coming from, Anna saw a cat limping toward her in very rough shape.

Django needed help and needed help fast. / Care4Cats

He’d been beaten up badly, with one leg severely broken—visibly protruding out from his shoulder—and with fur covered in ticks and fleas.

Anna isn’t new to the rescue game. Care4Cats focuses on the TNR model—trap, neuter, return—which not only saves cats in dire conditions but prevents many more from being born into unsafe, abusive environments.

She knew she needed to act quickly to save the cat, whom she later named Django. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be alive much longer.

A cuddly cat gone viral.

Anna put food on the ground to draw him near, used a dropper to rescue him, and then immediately took Django to the vet. While receiving medical attention, it quickly became clear that Django’s leg would need to be amputated if he were going to get a shot at a better life.

Taking a closer look revealed that the rescued cat’s leg couldn’t be saved. / Care4Cats

After Django’s successful surgery and other medical treatments, he was no longer living in survival mode, and his true colors started to shine. It soon became obvious that Django was not only a gorgeous cat but a delightful one as well.

“He wanted cuddles,” Anna said, “he wanted love.”

Anna posted his story to social media and it spread far and wide. On Instagram, a video featuring Django amassed about 160,000 views, according to Care4Cats.

What a beauty! / Care4Cats

Django goes Dutch.

As Django’s story went viral, a woman in Amsterdam expressed interest in adopting him. Care4Cats organized for him to fly out of Ibiza with a travel companion to be with his forever family there.

But Django’s happy ending soon got even happier.

About three months later, Anna returned to the same spot where Django had been rescued and discovered kittens that looked very similar to Django!

“One of them had a broken leg—ironic—goodness knows how,” Anna said.

This kitten may be in Django’s family! We’ve censored the incision where the cat needed surgery. / Care4Cats

She contacted the same woman in Amsterdam, explaining that a kitten with a broken leg had been found in the same location and that it may even be Django’s son. The cat’s adopted mom agreed to welcome the kitten into her home as well.

“They just bonded straight away,” Anna said of Django and the kitten. “I love a happy ending.”

These two cuddle friends made a lovely home together in Amsterdam. / Care4Cats

According to Anna, Care4Cats has neutered upwards of 35,000 cats to date. She often sees a lot of heartbreak, but heartwarming stories like these keep her going.

“This is what makes it so rewarding,” Anna said. “You completely change their lives.”

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