The Cat Who No One Wanted Finds the Perfect Mom

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Figaro, the strongest little warrior who now rules the roost with endless charm and confidence.

In the busy heart of Queens, NY, a tiny, battered kitten named Figaro faced unimaginable odds. His journey began when someone sent a distressing Instagram message to Meagan, the president of Puppy Kitty NYC, a dedicated animal rescue organization. The picture accompanying the message showed Figaro with severe wounds to his face causing great alarm.

“They showed me this horrible picture of this kitten, with a horrible wound on his face. I said, of course, we will help, bring him right into our emergency hospital.” Meagan, President of Puppy Kitty NYC.

Without hesitation, Meagan sprang into action, demonstrating the organization’s unwavering commitment to saving animals in dire need.

Figaro was later brought into an emergency hospital, where he underwent critical surgery. Despite the best efforts of veterinarians, the wounds were extensive, and Figaro required specialized care. Meagan, recognizing the severity of his condition and the special attention he needed, decided to foster him herself.

Meeting Figaro for the first time was an emotional experience for Meagan. He was the smallest and cutest little guy despite his deformities. Overcome with tears, she was heartbroken by his pain but determined to give him a chance at life. Meagan cared for Figaro with unwavering devotion.

“The doctors either think that he bit a wire and was electrocuted or that he was attacked by a racoon.” Meagan, President of Puppy Kitty NYC.

His journey was not easy—half of his nose was missing, and he had no teeth on one side, making everyday activities a challenge. Yet, Figaro’s spirit remained unbroken.

“It was so crazy to see this little guy so injured but inspiring to see that he made it.”- Meagan, President of Puppy Kitty NYC.

As Figaro healed, Meagan realized she could never part with him as he truly had an impact on her. His transformation from a severely injured kitten to a confident, loving cat was miraculous. Figaro had found his forever home, earning the affectionate title and what Meagan describes a “foster fail”.

Despite his physical challenges, Figaro’s personality shone brightly. Confident and unaware of his differences, he quickly became the boss of the household. He was always the first at the food bowl and would eagerly jump on the counter, demanding chicken whenever Meagan prepared food. Their nightly cuddles became a cherished routine, solidifying a bond that neither could deny.

“I meet a lot of cats because I run the rescue but Figaro has a very special personality.”- Meagan, President of Puppy Kitty NYC.

Figaro’s story is just one of many incredible rescues by Puppy Kitty NYC. In 2023 alone, the organization saved over 900 cats, driven by their motto to never say no to an animal in need. From guinea pigs to dogs, and even research animals, Puppy Kitty NYC opens its doors and hearts to them all. Operating out of a modest shelter in Queens, the team conducts numerous street rescues and takes in many surrendered pets.

The organization’s dedication extends beyond rescue; they offer unwavering support to those considering adoption, especially special needs animals like Figaro. Through social media, Puppy Kitty NYC provides guidance, answers questions, and offers encouragement to potential adopters.

“If anyone is on the fence with adopting animals I am here to help you walk through it.”- Meagan, President of Puppy Kitty NYC.

For Meagan and the rest of the Puppy Kitty NYC team, animals like Figaro bring immeasurable joy and fulfillment. Figaro, with his indomitable spirit and affectionate nature, has enriched their lives and serves as a daily reminder of the resilience and love that animals bring into our lives. His journey from despair to happiness inspires everyone he meets, proving that with love and care, even the most broken spirits can heal and thrive.


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