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Frisco High-Sided Cat Litter Box Review

Fact checked by  Jackie Brown
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Bugsy wasn’t sure what to make of the Frisco litter box initially, but he warmed up to it. Shannon Perry / Cats.com


  • Ease of Cleaning – 4/5
  • Odor Control – 3/5
  • Appearance – 3/5
  • Construction – 3/5
  • Price – 5/5

Overall Score: 3.6/5

Why Trust Cats.com

I’ve had cats for most of my life. I’ve tested multiple litter boxes, either formally for reviews or for my own use to find the best fit for my space and cats. When I consider how good a litter box is, I look at how easy it is to clean, if it’s challenging to maneuver, whether or not the cats like it, and the price point. I considered all these factors as my cats and I tested the Frisco High-Sided Litter Box.

Frisco Overview

Ryan Cohen founded Chewy in 2011 to fill the need for the home delivery of pet goods. The company experienced rapid growth, and then in 2015, they launched Frisco. Initially, there were limited offerings. Today, pet owners can find everything from litter boxes and cat litter to toys and clothing. Frisco offers 16 litter box types ranging from the extra large, high-sided litter box reviewed here to smaller.

High-Sided Cat Litter Box Features

Petra played in the litter box immediately after I put fresh litter in it. Shannon Perry / Cats.com

Frisco’s High-Sided Litter Box is a large litter pan with very high sides. It’s ideal for cats that like to scatter litter. On the outside, it measures 24 inches long and 18 inches wide. The interior is slightly smaller (22 inches by 17 inches) and does taper toward the bottom, but it has a depth of 10 inches with a generous entryway that’s just under 6 inches high. It weighs just under 3 pounds, making it easy to handle.

For cats that are sensitive to plastic or have a plastic allergy, it’s important to note that this is a plastic litter box. Like any other plastic product, this litter box has a recycling number: 5. Plastics with a #5 are made out of polypropylene, which is commonly found in food containers and can be recycled in some recycling centers and curbside pickup.

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Additionally, this litter box is BPA-free. BPA stands for bisphenol A, a synthetic compound found in many products people (and their pets) consume. It’s shown to be harmful in people, and some studies indicate that BPA impacts cat health. However, as cats won’t be eating the litter box and merely using it, it might be less of an issue.

What We Liked:

  • Extra-large size gives cats more space and open air.
  • Handles on the side make it easier to handle.

What We Dislike:

  • Plastic is a little thin and might cause cracking.
  • Handles could be smoother for easier pick-up.

What Did Our Test Cats Think?

Cappuccino and Dr. Watson quickly checked out the newest litter box. Shannon Perry / Cats.com

Of my 11 cats, a few are adventurous and don’t hesitate to check out a new object in their environment. Petra and Cappuccino were the first two to explore the new litter box. Petra, always quick to lay claim to a new litter box or fresh litter, used the litter box before engaging Cappuccino in a game of tag around it.

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Even my most enthusiastic cats haven’t been able to flick litter out of the back and sides of the box, although some litter escaped from the entryway. Like reviewers, I’m pleased with how well it keeps litter contained and the price point.

What Do Customers Think of Frisco’s Litter Box?

Most reviewers for this litter box seem happy with it. At under $25, the price point is excellent, and the high sides do exactly what they are supposed to do: keep litter in the box. Some critical reviews comment on how the litter box is not big enough or that the plastic is prone to cracking. Overall, though, most customers seem happy with this simple litter pan.

“I have two cats who share a litter box and they often seem to do their business a little outside of their litter box, which is, to be honest, a bit small. I just purchased this extra large box that keeps everything inside the walls. It’s sturdy and attractive and very easy to clean.”
—Michael, Chewy

For most reviewers, Frisco’s high-sided litter box is the latest in numerous attempts to find a litter box to contain their cat’s litter. Most customers seem very happy with how well this litter pan achieves that and leave comments on how their cats aren’t able to kick litter out of the pan nearly as much. Additionally, some reviewers like that it’s a dark, neutral color and can even fit inside some litter box enclosures.

Frisco’s litter box fits nicely in many popular cat enclosures. Anita / Chewy.com

“When I opened the package from Chewy I found the box had a large crack. I contacted Chewy and a replacement arrived safely the very next day. Awesome customer service. I like the size and design of this box. However, the plastic is light and flimsy and is made of rather brittle type plastic. At this price point, it should have better build quality.”
—Kenneth, Chewy

While many people had positive experiences with this box, some critical reviews made statements about how hard the label was to remove, which, though they seem to have made improvements here, is still tricky to get off. For other reviewers, the shape and size of the box weren’t ideal for their cats. Customers sometimes purchased this extra large litter box to solve specific issues, but it didn’t work.

Overall, Is the Frisco High-Sided Litter Box a Good Choice?

This litter box would probably be my first recommendation for an inexpensive, high-sided litter box. The price point is great, and it’s very effective at what it does. The few drawbacks I noticed would be easy enough to remedy—use a towel to buffer your hands when picking up the full litter box. I have concerns about the potential for the thinner plastic to crack, and some reviewers have experienced that problem. But it’s a very affordable box, and personally, it’s one I’m comfortable replacing every six months or so if needed.

Similar Brands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are high-sided litter boxes good?

High sided litter boxes are an excellent option for cats prone to scattering litter. The high sides prevent a lot of litter from being thrown out of the box.

Is Frisco a good brand?

Frisco is a Chewy brand and produces numerous pet supplies ranging from toys and litter to pet furniture. Overall, we’ve been satisfied not only with Frisco’s quality but also with affordability.

How high should litter box sides be?

Litter boxes specially marketed as “high-sided” should be at least 8 inches high, but have a lower entryway to make it easy for cats to enter and exit the litter box.

Do cats like high-sided litter boxes?

High-sided litter boxes are mostly beneficial for cat owners. These litter boxes prevent litter from being scattered or spills for cats that aim high when urinating. Cats that tend to feel constrained in covered litter boxes might benefit more from a high-sided litter box because they provide a more open environment while minimizing mess.

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