The Cat No One Wanted Finds a Forever Home

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Meet Kricket: This adorable foster kitten bravely overcame her eye condition with lots of love and care.

If you want to see what true resilience looks like, meet Kricket—the spirited foster kitty who turned his eye issues into mere bumps on the road to a life filled with joy and positivity.

A Hero’s Call

Kricket’s journey to a happy and healthy life began with Frankie, a devoted volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society, whose dedication and care paved the way for his remarkable recovery.

Frankie received a call about a singleton kitten named Kricket who required immediate help. At nearly five weeks old, Kricket was in dire condition when she first took him in.

Kricket Battles The Odds

Kricket was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection (URI) that impacted his eyes and nose. The discharge was so profuse that it even came out through his nose, and he had large ulcers in his mouth. Despite his challenging start, Kricket’s spirit was unbroken. Frankie noticed his cheerful demeanor and how he remained cuddly, social, and happy despite his visible ailments.

Under Frankie’s attentive care, Kricket began to receive the medical treatment he needed. His medication aided him with his recovery, and his infectious joy and liveliness began to shine through even more. His playful energy and loving nature were evident as he made “muffins” with his paws and crawled around Frankie’s neck to fall asleep, always eager to engage with his toys.

Kricket’s Resilience Shines Through

Although Kricket’s condition improved, he still needed surgery to address his eye issues. During his neuter surgery, veterinarians investigated his eye problems and performed a procedure that saved his eye. They were able to trim his eyelid, significantly improving his vision. The surgery was extremely successful, and Kricket’s eye continued to heal day by day.

“I try to stress in my videos how completely healthy and normal he is. It doesn’t affect him in any kind of way at all. It’s just a visual difference and that is all.” Frankie, Volunteer at best Friends Animal Society.

A Bittersweet Farewell

Kricket’s recovery was truly inspiring, and his personality remained unaffected by his medical challenges. His boundless energy and affectionate nature made him a joy to care for. Eventually, Kricket found his forever home with a loving family. While Frankie felt bittersweet about letting him go, she was overjoyed knowing he would start a new, happy chapter in his life.

Frankie’s Journey

Reflecting on her journey, Frankie shared how she began volunteering at Best Friends Animal Society in 2018, initially working in their kitten nursery. Within two weeks, she decided to start fostering kittens until they found permanent homes. Fostering not only provided essential care to kittens in need but also brought Frankie companionship and fulfillment.

Through fostering, Frankie witnessed firsthand how vital this work is in saving lives and offering second chances to vulnerable animals.

“Fostering has changed my life because it has given me a lot of purpose,” Frankie said. “It’s a life-changing and very rewarding experience.”

Kricket’s story is a testament to the impact of fostering and the difference one person’s dedication can make in the life of an animal. His journey from a fragile, sickly kitten to a thriving, happy companion is a heartwarming reminder of the power of compassion and care

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