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Omega Paw Roll’n Clean Litter Box Review

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The Omega Paw Roll’n Clean Litter Box is a self-cleaning litter box that is designed to make the often unpleasant business of cleaning cat litter an easier endeavor for cat owners. The “self-cleaning” aspect of the product comes into play with the simple action of rolling the litter box over onto its attached top, and then back into an upright position.


  • Ease of Cleaning – 8/10
  • Odor Control – 8/10
  • Appearance – 7/10
  • Construction – 8/10
  • Price – 8/10

Overall Score: 8.2/10

An internal grill then catches the clumps of waste and leaves it in a slide-out tray that can be removed from the side of the box after it has been rolled back over. Simply dispose of the waste in a trash bin, and replace the tray for the next time you need to clean it. The whole act of tipping and disposing literally takes mere seconds.

While there are many self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, the Roll’n Clean Litter Box is one of the less expensive ones, since it relies on the boxes design and gravity to make it a “self-cleaning” product, rather than electricity, battery or a piping system, like many other self-cleaning litter boxes.

If you have never owned a self-cleaning litter box before, but you are curious to give it a try and see if it is a product that will work for you and your cats, the Omega Paw Roll’n Clean Litter Box is a good first-timer’s product to test out, before thinking of shelling out more cash for the more expensive models of self-cleaning litter boxes on the market.

Here are some of the pros and cons for the simply clean litter box:

What We Liked:

Self – Cleaning:

Or at least, it is practically self-cleaning. While conventional litter boxes require a lot of repetitive scooping and sifting through clean litter to find the clumps of waste (usually while squating, hunched uncomfortably close to the litter itself), the Roll’n Clean Litter Box requires you to simply roll the box over onto its top, hit the bottom of the box to loosen any clumps that may be stuck to the bottom of the box, and then roll it back upright again.

This allows the product’s internal mechanism and grill to catch the waste in an easy to remove pull-out tray. Roll the box back upright, pull-out the tray and dispose of the clumps that have been caught. The clean litter is not affected, and remains in the box to be used when it is needed.

Easy To Use:

Since the only thing that you need to do is to be able to turn the box over and then back again, and to empty the attached pull-out tray, the Roll’n Clean Litter Box is easy for just about anyone to use–there is no extended crouching involved, or heavy lifting necessary, such as when one has to remove an entire liner along with litter from many conventional litter boxes. The box is shaped with a rounded side, which makes the act of rolling the box back and forth a quick and easy endeavor.

Easy Assembly:

The Roll’n Clean Litter Box is a simple but effective box, which makes for easy assemblage. The product comes with a step-by-step manual, and boasts of its “certified frustration-free packaging,” making it a consumer friendly product. The box comes with four pieces: the removable tray or “scoop,” the base of the box, the lid, and a plastic filter, which fits inside the box just below the scoop. Easy to slide clips on the side of the box attach the roof to the bottom of the box. In all, it takes about a minute or two to assemble.

No Liners Or Filters Needed:

Because the tray that catches the waste simply pulls out for easy emptying, liners and filters are not required. A specially designed grill separates clean litter from waste. Clean litter simply sifts back through the grill when it is tipped back right side up. Cats can often shred liners when digging in the litter, making clean-up a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor. Not the case here!

Large Enough To Work With Any Size Of Cat, As Well As Multiple Cats:

Not only is the Roll’n Clean Litter Box spacious enough to accommodate just about any cat size, but it is also suitable for households with multiple cats. The rule of thumb for owners of multiple cats is to have one litter box per cat, plus one extra box.

This can take up a lot of space, not to mention a lot of time to clean each individual box. With the Roll’n Clean Litter Box, since the box can be cleaned so quickly and easily, just the one product should suffice.

Effectively Controls Dust And Contains Odor:

Cat litter can have a tendency to get everywhere during cleaning, as well as when your cats are digging. Because the Roll’n Clean Litter Box is covered and is also self-contained, very little mess occurs outside of the box. Since it is a covered box, the unpleasant ammonia odor that comes with cat waste, is also contained. The cover or “roof” of the box also gives your cat some privacy as they use it.


Many self-cleaning litter boxes on the market are electric, and therefore have a tendency to be more expensive, are more vulnerable to breaking down, and can also have the unfortunate side-effect of disturbing or scaring your cats when the self-cleaning part is activated. Since the Roll’n Clean Litter Box cleans with a simple rolling movement, no electrical parts to fuss over are required.


Self-cleaning litter boxes are often either electric or more complex in design, so cat owners can typically expect to pay $100+ for the convenience of owning one. At approximately $30 or less online, the Roll’n Clean Litter Box will make cleaning your cat’s litter box not only easier and faster, but it won’t put a major dent in your wallet either.

Because of its reasonable price tag, there is very little to lose and a lot to be gained in the amount of time and effort spent in cleaning up after your kitty.

What We Didn’t Like:

Effectiveness Can Be Dependent On Brand Of Litter:

A consistent issue that seems to come up with the Roll’n Clean Litter Box is that its effectiveness can be dependent upon the quality or brand of litter used. Lower quality litter that has trouble clumping effectively will not respond well with the internal grate that catches the waste, making clean-up less effective, and it will allow the waste to stick to the grates, which in turn creates the necessity to clean up the internal mechanism, defeating the whole purpose of a self-cleaning litter box in the first place. We recommend using a quality brand of silica based clumping litter to eliminate this problem.

Needs To Be Used Gently:

As with any plastic product with several removable parts, especially one that gets moved and jostled around quite a bit, care needs to be taken in not being too rough when tipping the box over. Being rougher than necessary will allow the plastic of the box to bend, and putting it at risk to breaking, and causing the litter to spill out of the sides of the box.

Do Not Over-Fill With Litter!

Over-filling the box will cause litter to come out of the opening that the cat goes in in order to do his business, which causes an unnecessary mess. Use only the amount of litter necessary for your cat’s purposes, otherwise you could find yourself with a bigger mess to clean up than you had bargained for!

Removable Tray Can “leak” When Tipped:

While dust and debris, for the most part, is contained within the box when tipped, because the removable tray is not seamlessly flush with the rest of the box, a bit of litter can escape during cleaning. This is not a huge problem or major inconvenience though, and a quick sweep-up of the litter that got away in the act of tipping is all that is really needed in the case of this happening.


In general, maintenance of the Roll’n Clean Litter Box should be conveniently low. Older models of the box were more flimsy, but Omega Paw appears to have fixed its design flaws, and it is now a sturdier product. Weighing just a bit over 7 pounds, it won’t be too heavy or bulky for most people to use. Tested and certified, this litter box comes with a one year warranty.

Final Thoughts:

If you have never used a self-cleaning litter box and are curious to see if these types of products are right for you and your cats, it is hard to find a reason to not give the Omega Paw Roll’n Clean Litter Box a shot.

Why spend a lot of money on a new product without knowing if it is for you when you can opt for a model that is possibly just as effective, but only a fraction of the cost? You may have just saved yourself not only a lot of hassle that can come with cleaning up after your beloved felines, but also quite a few dollars as well!

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  1. Linda Williams

    I have just purchased a large omega paw roll and clean from Amazon. Looks great! Found out one of our existing litter box is missing the tray and plastic filter. Can I replace the missing parts? I need to have two up and running litter boxes at same time. Husband does not know what happened to these parts!

  2. Kathleen


  3. Jason

    I just bought one using your link. I’m pretty excited to get one and try it out! I really appreciate your review. I was debating other products including expensive electric types. Your review answered all my questions and sold me on the product. Thank you for the review.

    1. Kate Barrington

      Hi Marian! This litter box is designed to be used with clumping cat litter. If the product doesn’t clump, the dirty litter won’t separate from the clean litter when you tilt the litter box. It’s possible that pellet litter could work if it’s a clumping formula but I’m not aware of any pellet-style litters that clump very effectively. Unfortunately, self-sifting and automatic cat litter boxes simply don’t tend to work as well with pellet-style litters.

  4. karen selfridge

    This website must have been paid by Omega Paw, or an affiliate, because it doesn’t work at all. All it does it break apart the clumps, of which maybe 1/2 end up in the tray, then the screen ends up on top of the litter so the cat can’t use the box next time. Biggest waste of $50 as the store wouldn’t take it back. Stuck with a bigger piece of ___ than the cat could make. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.

    1. Mallory Crusta Post author

      Hi Karen, our reviews are based on our experiences and understanding of the products based on other customers’ reports, but we may miss things sometimes. Thanks for sharing your experience to help others make a decision!