Petlibro One RFID Cat Feeder Review

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Kate Barrington /

With over a dozen models to choose from, the Petlibro brand has become a leader in the market for smart automatic pet feeders. The latest innovation, the One RFID Cat Feeder, puts a personal twist on Petlibro’s finely tuned granary-style engineering. This feeder doesn’t just dispense portioned meals on a set schedule—it also pairs with an RFID tag to restrict access to the cat wearing the tag.

The Petlibro One RFID Cat Feeder is designed to serve multi-cat families, providing each cat with a personalized feeding experience. How does it stand up against real-world testing? My cats and I tried it out to bring you this in-depth review.

Why Trust

As a long-standing member of the team, I’ve spent the past several years researching, testing, and reviewing hundreds of products. From self-cleaning litter boxes to smart feeders, my cats and I like to keep up with the latest innovations in smart pet tech. Prior to writing this review, we spent several weeks testing automatic feeders, including two Petlibro models.

To write this review, I began with a deep dive into the history of Petlibro as a company and the brand’s track record with customer satisfaction. I then spent some time familiarizing myself with Petlibro’s product lineup before unboxing my new One RFID feeder. Throughout the testing process, I took notes on how easy the feeder was to set up and program while my cats offered their opinions on how comfortable it was to use.

Having tested several other Petlibro feeders, I was able to make direct comparisons regarding the One RFID feeder’s functionality, reliability, and convenience. I also scoured customer reviews to get a feel for what other cat owners were saying about it.

One RFID Cat Feeder and Petlibro Brand Overview

Kate Barrington /

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Founded in 2019, Petlibro is a pet product company headquartered in California. It offers essentials like cat toys but the brand’s specialty is pet tech—specifically automatic pet feeders and pet fountains.

Petlibro’s products are shipped around the world through the brand’s website and its store on Amazon, Chewy, and Best Buy. All purchases are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee but individual products may include a longer 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. Customer service appears to mainly be available via online contact form.

Though the company is only five years old, Petlibro has demonstrated a commitment to innovation with a steady release of smart pet tech solutions. In addition to feeders, it also offers several automatic water fountain options, including the ultra-filtered Glacier and battery-operated Dockstream models.

From early feeders like the Easy Feed to the camera-enabled Granary feeder, Petlibro continues to deliver thoughtfully designed, well-engineered automatic pet feeders. Complementary to these feeders, Petlibro offers an array of pet fountains. These run the gamut from simple stainless steel fountains to the battery-operated Dockstream and the ultra-filtered Glacier fountain.

Petlibro One RFID Cat Feeder Features

Kate Barrington /

The Petlibro One RFID Cat Feeder is an automatic pet feeder that pairs with the Petlibro app (available for iOS and Android) to deliver portioned, timed meals according to your schedule. What makes this model different from other Petlibro feeders is the integration of RFID technology.

While microchip feeders are nothing new, the One RFID feeder is the first programmable automatic feeder of its kind. Standard microchip feeders consist of a covered food dish with a lid that opens in response to a special microchip tag (or your cat’s implanted microchip).

In a similar way, the One feeder only allows access to the food bowl for cats wearing the included RFID tag. But it also features a 13-cup (3L) dry food storage hopper and dispenses food automatically, saving you the hassle of filling the bowl every day. A desiccant bag integrated into the hopper lid helps keep food fresh.

The One RFID feeder is uniquely suited to multi-pet households. It takes the hassle out of feeding multiple pets separate meals and it ensures that each pet gets the right food in exactly the right amount, on schedule. Through the Petlibro app, it’s programmable for up to 10 meals per day with portions as small as 1/12 cup.

This feeder comes with everything you need to get started (except a smartphone, of course). It comes with a stainless steel food bowl, one lid, and two food bowl shields that go on either side of the feeding area to keep other pets out. The RFID reader is embedded in a hard plastic mat you attach to the feeder and it pairs with the included tag. This tag is attached to the included collar which weighs just over 4 grams, making it lightweight and comfortable for cats to wear.

Compared to some of Petlibro’s other feeders, the One RFID feeder is a little more expensive (retail price $149.99). That said, it’s more modestly priced than many microchip feeders on the market. It ships free in the contiguous United States, however, and includes both a 24-month warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Petlibro One RFID Cat Feeder is a corded electric model but battery backup power is provided by three D-cell batteries (not included). It’s WiFi-enabled for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

What We Like

  • Pairs with RFID tag to restrict access to a single cat
  • Takes the hassle out of feeding multiple cats separately
  • Setup is quick and easy with the Petlibro app
  • WiFi-enabled for 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections
  • Large 13-cup capacity (for dry food only)
  • Corded electric power with battery backup
  • Includes a stainless steel food bowl
  • 24-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only works with the included RFID tag (one per feeder)
  • Collar tag isn’t completely waterproof, just splashproof
  • Some cats may be uncomfortable with the enclosed eating space
  • Determined cats may be able to break into the feeder
  • Proximity to other RFID products may affect functionality

What Did Our Test Cats Think?

Kate Barrington /

When I opened up my One RFID Cat Feeder, I discovered that the packaging was just as thoughtful as other Petlibro feeders I’ve tested. Small parts were stored inside the hopper to save space and foam pieces ensured everything stayed safe and in its place during shipping.

At first glance, I thought the feeder looked a little like a computer tower with various ports and indicator lights. Setting up the feeder was a breeze and I found the Petlibro app easy to navigate. As with any automatic feeder, it took some time to figure out the portion sizes but the feeder worked well once I got it programmed.

I did notice some differences in how smoothly food was dispensed based on the shape and size of the kibbles. The feeder worked perfectly with small, round kibble (like Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein) but flat and X-shaped kibbles (like Dave’s Pet Food) sometimes backed up in the chute.

The RFID technology worked consistently as well—I had no issues with the feeder reading the chip. I did find the chip itself to be a little bulky, however, and I experienced some challenges with the included collar. I liked that the collar was adjustable for a wide range of neck sizes but I had a little trouble sizing it without triggering the breakaway feature. It’s also worth noting that, because the RFID tag hangs off the breakaway section, the tag might fall off and could be lost if the collar opens while your cat is wearing it.

I ended up moving the tag onto the included metal ring so I could hang it from my cat’s regular collar. It worked but I would be less nervous about the tag getting caught on something or falling off if it threaded onto the collar itself.

After reading numerous reviews where customers reported their cats being able to break into the feeder, I was on the lookout—especially since I accidentally received two left-side food bowl shields and could only install one. My cats aren’t overly food-motivated, however, so there weren’t any break-in attempts for me to comment on.

Like other reviewers, I did find the food door closing speed a little inconsistent but it wasn’t a major issue for me.

Though my cats took to the feeder just fine, it’s worth noting that some cats may find it uncomfortable or frightening at first. The walls on the side of the food bowl might make some cats feel claustrophobic and others may be alarmed by the movement of the lid. While there’s no training mode to get your cat used to the lid, Petlibro’s app includes a setting to keep it open while your cat gets used to the new product. Then, users can customize the lid’s speed according to their cat’s habits.

What Do Customers Think of the Petlibro One RFID Cat Feeder?

The One RFID Cat Feeder is Petlibro’s latest innovation, so it hasn’t been on the market long. As of early April 2024, there were only about 50 ratings for the product on Petlibro’s website and about 160 on Amazon. On both platforms, the feeder had an average rating between three and four stars (out of five).

As a company, Petlibro performs similarly on third-party review sites like Trustpilot where it has a 3.7 out of 5-star rating with 50 reviews.

Positive Reviews

Satisfied customers frequently mention the ease of setup in their reviews and many appreciate being able to keep other pets from stealing food from a cat that requires a special diet. Other positive reviews mention the user-friendliness of the app, the stainless steel feeding bowl, and the generous size of the hopper.

“With this feeder, you can set the time and amount of feedings, and it even has a “feed now” option so that if you notice that your cat’s food bowl is empty, it’s just a click away on your phone. It’s very easy to set up and works right away.” – Lisa on, January 27th, 2024

“I wanted to make feeding easy and hassle-free and this product has made that happen. The cats have adapted well to this product and love the bowls. For the most part, both cats have adapted well to their separate feeders and there is no more grabbing for each other’s food. The app is easy to use and I can set up a schedule for daily feedings in addition to adding snacks.” – Eva on, January 27th, 2024

Negative Reviews

While customers are largely pleased with the One RFID feeder, it’s clear that Petlibro still has some kinks to work out. Unreliable customer service seems to be a theme in negative reviews. Several reviewers mention inconsistencies in the food door’s closing speed or the door getting stuck open. Numerous reviewers said their cats were able to break into the feeder without a tag.

“Overall, this feeder does its job, keeping our food crazy kit out most of the time BUT the door closing speed is very unreliable and even set at the fastest closing speed of 1sec, will often times take up to 7-9sec after she jumps away before starting to close.” – Samantha S. on, February 14th, 2024

“We were excited for an RFID collar to help ensure our senior cat doesn’t have to compete with our 2 younger cats for access to feeders. We were very disappointed that within a day our 2yo cats had figured out how to pull the retractable top off the hinge. He also pierced the rubber flange so I am unsure of how long it will stay together.” – Megan D. on, February 25th, 2024

Aiming to address issues and provide optimal customer service, Petlibro encourages users to send detailed issues to their official service email so they can provide timely and thorough communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the One RFID feeder read my cat’s microchip?

No, the feeder can’t read your cat’s implanted microchip and it won’t work with tags from other brands. Each feeder can only sync with one collar tag.

Do I have to use the mat that comes with the feeder?

Yes, the included mat is integral to the feeder’s RFID function. During setup, make sure the RFID reader mat is attached securely to the base of the feeder. If it isn’t properly installed, it won’t recognize your cat and the food lid won’t open.

Does the feeder work with wet cat food?

No, the One RFID feeder is for dry food only. It works best with kibble ranging in diameter from 2-15mm. Larger pieces might get stuck in the food outlet and cause the feeder to jam.

Is the cost of shipping included?

Petlibro offers free shipping on orders over $75. The One RFID feeder costs $149.99, so it qualifies for free shipping.

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