Purina Petivity Smart Cat Litterbox Monitor System Review

Fact checked by  Jackie Brown
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Setup is easy—plug it in or use the included batteries, sync with the app, and set up your cat’s profile. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

When it comes to their health, cats are masters of disguise. Even the most attentive cat parent can miss subtle changes in their pet’s weight or litter box usage that might point to a health issue. Fortunately, advances in health-monitoring technology have trickled down to the pet world, making way for devices like the Petivity Smart Cat Litter Box Monitor System. This innovative tool aims to help pet parents manage their cat’s health by providing insights into their weight and bathroom habits.

But how reliable is the Petivity’s technology, and is the data collected actually useful? Is it worth the price? To find out, we tested the monitor for several weeks with two cats. Here’s what we learned about the device, where it shines, where it could use improvement, and who might benefit most from it.


  • Ease of Setup: 4/5
  • Construction: 5/5
  • Appearance: 5/5
  • Usefulness: 4/5
  • Accuracy: 3.5/5
  • Price: 4/5

Overall Score: 4.25/5

Why Trust Cats.com

From self-cleaning litter boxes to automatic feeders, our team has tested a wide range of modern pet gear over the years. I’ve personally reviewed a number of self-cleaning litter boxes, cat water fountains, cat trackers, and a microchip feeder, so I’m familiar with the world of pet tech and how it has served my own feline household.

For this review, I explored the technology behind the Petivity system, learning how it works and how Purina developed its AI capabilities. Then, I tested the device in my home with two senior cats. During setup, I observed how easy it was to sync the device with my phone and “train” the AI. I considered the Petivity’s accuracy and utility, and the intuitiveness of the app. I also considered the system’s value, weighing the cost against its usefulness.

Lastly, I read dozens of customer reviews and Reddit threads to get a sense of how others fared with the monitor. I took note of whether they experienced any glitches and how useful they found the compiled data.

Petivity ​Litter Box Monitor System and Purina Overview

Purina’s Petivity tracks weight and bathroom habits. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

Powered by Purina, the Petivity brand develops smart devices that help pet parents take proactive care of their pets. Along with the Smart Cat Litter Box Monitor, Petivity also carries a Microbiome Analysis Kit.

The Petivity Litter Box Monitor System is a relatively new device that was launched in 2022. The company has been working on this system for more than a decade with help from Purina veterinarians, behaviorists, and data scientists. The Petivity’s goal is to help cats live longer and healthier lives by providing pet parents with useful data about their weight and behavior.

Purina experts developed the Petivity system’s AI technology by analyzing thousands of litter box uses from thousands of cats. They then used this data to set thresholds for normal litter box use.

The device records your cat’s weight and litter box usage, compiling this information to detect any changes that might require your attention. If there’s a potential health issue, such as a UTI, kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, or hyperthyroidism, the Petivity will send an alert so you can take prompt action.

Petivity ​​Smart Cat Litter Box Monitor System Features

The Petivity system is designed to hold your cat’s existing litter box. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

The Petivity Litter Box Monitor system is a low-profile scale that sits underneath your cat’s existing litter box. The device syncs with a free app that records your cat’s weight and collects details on their bathroom habits, including litter box visit frequency, waste type, and time of use. If it detects any changes that could indicate an issue, it sends you an alert on your phone.

Currently, the Petivity retails for $199.99 on Chewy but frequently goes on sale for $149.99.

During setup, you’ll create a profile for each cat, with details about their gender, age, body score condition, and diet. For the first week or so, the device will be in “training mode”—meaning you’ll be helping it learn how to recognize your cat(s). Every time it detects an event, you’ll be asked to indicate which cat used the box based on the recorded weight, as well as whether the event was a number one, number two, or a non-cat event (like scooping).

Once the monitor collects enough events for each cat, it will be able to recognize them without input from you.

The app collects the number of litter box visits and translates those details into actionable insights. For instance, if your cat’s bathroom visits double over the course of a few days, the app will let you know. The same goes for weight fluctuations. You can then keep a closer eye on your cat or bring this information to your veterinarian.

If you have multiple litter boxes, you’ll need a Petivity monitor for each one. There are size limitations, too. The Petivity Monitor is 19 inches by 14 inches, so the company recommends using a litter box no larger than 21 inches by 16 inches to avoid tipping and inaccurate readings.

The Petivity Monitor is compatible with traditional open litter boxes and hooded litter boxes, but it won’t work with triangular-shaped boxes or self-cleaning boxes.

What We Like:

  • Helps pet parents pick up on subtle changes they might otherwise miss
  • Distinguishes between cats based on their weight—there’s no need for a chip or collar
  • No subscription plan required
  • Low-profile design shouldn’t inhibit litter box use for most cats
  • Can operate with a power cord or 6 AA batteries, which are included

What We Dislike:

  • You’ll need one for each litter box (which could be a significant expense for multi-cat homes)
  • The AI technology can get confused if your cats’ weight is similar
  • Only compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi—won’t work with 5 GHz
  • Won’t work with larger litter boxes

What Did Our Test Cats Think?

Senior cats Floyd and Amber had no problem using their litter box with the Petivity scale. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

Straight away, I can say I was impressed with the technology behind the Petivity. The setup phase went off without a hitch, and it only took a few minutes to sync the device to the app. My cats were unfazed by this addition to their litter box setup, and the slight height difference shouldn’t hinder access for most cats.

During the learning period—roughly five days—anytime the monitor registered an event, I received real-time notifications on my phone prompting me to verify the occupant and what they left behind. Take note: You’ll need to keep a close eye on your cat’s bathroom behavior during this time. If you work outside the home, you can still use the Petivity, but the AI might need a few extra days to become acquainted with your cats.

As for accuracy, the Petivity was mostly spot-on, with events appearing in the app within a minute or so. That said, it wasn’t perfect. There were instances where it swapped my two cats. And one of my cat’s weight was all over the map. The weight changes seemed too drastic to be accurate, so I did some investigating. I learned that certain behaviors (i.e., peeing and pooping in tandem) can confuse the AI. In addition, an imbalanced scale can throw readings out of whack.

I appreciated the app’s user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. I was presented with data in easy-to-digest graphs and lists. Each cat had their own profile where I could evaluate their daily events individually.

Each cat has a profile where you can see their daily litter box use. Liz Coleman / Cats.com

Once the AI learns to identify your cats, you’ll stop getting pinged after every event. But if you’re concerned about one cat in particular and you’d like to keep a close watch, you can set the app to notify you every time they use the litter box. You can even generate monthly reports to download and share with your vet.

As the guardian of two paunchy senior cats (one with hyperthyroidism), I think the Petivity monitor is a really valuable tool. As we know, it’s nearly impossible to track one cat’s bathroom habits, let alone two. Which can make it tricky to know which cat might have a problem. Getting up-to-the-minute details on my cats’ little treasures—and being able to differentiate between them—is a major win for proactive pet care.

It’s not perfect, and we experienced some accuracy hiccups. But overall, the Petivity really impressed me. I’d venture to say it’s a more accurate health-monitoring system than Pretty Litter, and it’s definitely more affordable than a Litter-Robot 4.

The Petivity could bring peace of mind to households with senior cats, cats prone to urinary tract infections, anxious first-time cat parents, or any cat parent who wants to be more educated and proactive about their pet’s health.

What Do Customers Think of the Petivity Litter Box Monitor System?

Positive Reviews

“This Petivity monitor is nothing short of amazing. My kitty was diagnosed with FLUTD and this monitor gives me peace of mind to know when and how often he is using the litter box. It is accurate in telling when he is using it and what he is doing in there. Could not recommend more if you have a kitty that has urinary issues!”—Brittany, on Chewy.com

For the most part, cat parents appreciate the peace of mind that the Petivity brings. The majority of users considered the setup process straightforward and the app easy to use. A number of reviewers remarked that they liked being able to keep tabs on their cat while out of town. And others appreciated the ability to track progress with their cat’s diet.

Negative Reviews

“I was excited to get this hooked up at our farm house, but have now put it aside. The unit will not connect to our 5 GHz router. We need to purchase an extender because our Verizon network does not have the 2.4 GHz option for their router. We had to do this for the Furbo unit at home as that has the same requirement. Would be helpful to give a heads up so buyers can be prepared.”—Phosphorus, on Chewy.com

Most of the complaints focus on issues with accuracy. Some folks said the Petivity had trouble distinguishing between multiple cats. A few cat parents were also irked by the internet requirements (the unit works with 2.4 GHz, not 5 GHz). And some felt the cost was prohibitive for households with more than one litter box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cats can use Petivity?

Petivity guarantees accuracy for up to five cats.

What is the weight limit for Petivity?

The Petivity’s weight limit is 60 pounds.

What types of litter boxes work with the Petivity?

The Petivity will work with most litter boxes no larger than 16 inches by 21 inches. This includes traditional open litter boxes and covered boxes. It won’t work with a triangular-shaped litter box or a self-cleaning model.

Can I use any type of litter with the Petivity?

Most litter types are compatible with the Petivity, including standard clay litter and crystal litter. However, the brand notes that paper-based litter and other types that “require actions outside of scooping” might confuse the AI and compromise the integrity of the data.

Can kittens use the Petivity monitor?

The company advises against it. Because a kitten’s weight and behavior change so quickly, the data can be inaccurate.

Where should I put my Petvity system?

The Petivity monitor should be placed indoors, with at least one inch of clearance from the wall and furniture. It will work best on a hard, level surface and within reasonable range of a Wi-Fi router. Avoid placing the monitor in high-traffic areas or vibrating appliances, like a washing machine.

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