Security Guard Adopts Stray Cat That Hilariously Won’t Leave Him Alone.

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Michael, a security guard in South Florida, had a sneaky stalker on his hands. The culprit? A furry, four-legged feline. Little did Michael know that the stray cat would come with a big surprise that would upend his family’s life for months.

Nevertheless, he persisted.

It wasn’t unusual for strays to visit Michael during his work shifts. But night after night, the same stray cat refused to leave Michael alone. At first, the cat’s persistence was a bit much, but there was no denying he was cute, and it was only a matter of time before the small cat began to grow on the big guy.

What a cutie pie. / Kinkatopia

So Michael began taking videos of the cat to send to his wife, Alexandra. “Every night, my husband sends me adorable videos of a stray cat at his work,” Alexandra said in a video posted to social media. “No, literally, I mean absolutely all night.”

Alexandra got PLENTY of cat videos from her husband. Kinkatopia

The couple decided the cat needed a loving family so they finally caved and brought him home. They named him Tree Cat since he loved to climb!

Tree Cat is on their way home! Kinkatopia

Full House: Animal Edition

There was just one problem, though, as the couple learned once they took Tree Cat to the vet.

Tree Cat was not, in fact, a he, they learned from the vet.

And she was pregnant.

The vet? Not so fun. / Kinkatopia

This was quite a curveball for Michael and Alexandra. The couple operated an animal rescue, and their house was already full. Where would a whole litter of kittens possibly fit?

Nevertheless, they knew their newest family member needed plenty of nutrition, rest, and love from her humans. And that, she received.

A whole forest of cats

It paid off. Tree Cat gave birth to five healthy kittens. “Just when we thought momma cat couldn’t bring us any more surprises…”

Alexandra decided to name them all after trees—Birch, Fern, Banyan, Mandarin, and Willow—in honor of their mom.

Welcome to the world, kiddos! / Kinkatopia

But the couple knew they couldn’t keep all the kittens to themselves because there just wasn’t enough room under their roof. Eventually, each kitten got adopted into loving homes…

…except for one.

Welcome to the family, Willow!

Michael and Alexandra decided to keep Willow all to themselves.

Oh hey there, Willow. / Kinkatopia

Who knows what sort of creature Michael will bring home from work next?

To keep up with Tree Cat or learn more about their animal rescue, Kinkatopia, follow the couple on Instagram or check out their nonprofit’s website.

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