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Tuft + Paw Cove Litter Box Review

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Shannon Perry / Cats.com


  • Ease of Cleaning – 5/5
  • Odor Control – 3/5
  • Appearance – 5/5
  • Construction – 5/5
  • Price – 3/5

Overall Score: 4.1/5

Why Trust Cats.com

As a multicat owner, I’ve tested numerous litter boxes over the years, either formally or for my own convenience. When considering the overall quality of a litter box, I look at how easy it is to clean, whether or not it’s cumbersome and easy to handle, its price, and how it fits into my home décor. I considered these factors as I tested the Tuft + Paw Cove Litter Box.

Cove Litter Box and Tuft + Paw Overview

Inspired by a desire to help cats and create furniture that didn’t clash with personal tastes, Jackson Cunningham and his girlfriend founded Tuft + Paw in 2016. Today, Tuft + Paw is a trending leader in the pet furniture market. Tuft + Paw supports cats through efforts like giveaways at community cat events.

In early 2020, Tuft + Paw introduced the Cove Litter Box. Followers commented on the high price, but the litter box has gained popularity over the last three years.

Cove Litter Box Features

Tuft + Paw packs their Cove Litter Box well, ensuring that it fits together compactly in the box and minimizes the chance of damage. Shannon Perry / Cats.com

The Cove Litter Box measures 16 inches wide, 26 inches long, and 6.5 inches high. The “Shelter” is an optional wall accessory that adds an 8” partition around the litter box to keep litter and waste contained. The entry is 14 inches wide and 20 inches long at the top. It narrows slightly at the bottom and is 6 inches deep.

Unlike simpler litter boxes, the Cove has multiple parts that fit together compactly for shipping and storage. The base is white with a dark gray, slightly rubbery base to prevent sliding, which was fairly effective on my laminate flooring. It did slide on the mat I keep litter boxes on to prevent tracking. The frosted shelter fits over the litter box with an edge that sits inside and a lip over the top. The shelter isn’t secured with any kind of latch or clip.

On the litter box’s side is a removable, flexible silicone storage pouch with a space for the litter scooper and dustpan/brush set. The litter scooper is well-made with a larger, easy-to-grip handle and sturdy scoop.

The brush that came with it is gray with black bristles, providing enough give to sweep but not so much. The dustpan is small and shallow but built sturdy enough for scraping if necessary. Both the dustpan and brush have a hole to make removing the pieces easier.

All pieces of this litter box fit together, but they aren’t so snug that they are hard to get apart for cleaning. It’s spacious enough for my average-sized cats, but for larger breeds (like the Maine Coon or Savannah), I can see size being an issue with this litter box.

What We Liked:

  • I like the added weight and gripping base
  • Lip makes it easy to pick up
  • Works as a piece of décor

What We Dislike:

  • No way to secure the shelter wall without strong tape

What Did Our Test Cats Think?

Batman was curious about the new litter box and was the first to explore it. Shannon Perry / Cats.com

Batman, one of my more adventurous cats, could get in and out of the box just fine. He was curious about its extra-high shelter and enjoyed peeking over it to look at the rest of the room before and after doing his business. Eventually, Petra and Cappuccino, my two youngest cats, used it as part of their play obstacle course.

Cleaning was easier than I thought it would be. The litter scoop is surprisingly well made, which helps dig out waste. There wasn’t much to stick to the bottom, but the dustpan provided has a flat edge, which should work well as a scraper if needed. The brush and dustpan allowed me to get into the corners and clean the box.

Depending on your cats, how easily the shelter comes off could be good or bad. This is very convenient for cleaning, but if you have rambunctious cats, you might have to put it back in place often.

What Do Customers Think of the Cove Litter Box?

Overall, customers seem to like the Cove Litter Box. Most of the reviews on the website are overwhelmingly positive. Combined with their Amazon shop, the Cove Litter Box has received 790 reviews. Around 1.5% were one-star reviews, while only 70 (about 9%) were under five stars.

Sleek and smart design. Super easy to clean! My cat knew what to do right away.
—enna, Amazon

Most reviews for the Cove Litter Box are positive. Customers comment on how stylish the litter box is, one of the biggest draws of the Cove Litter Box, and also functionality. Reviews state that customers like the shelter’s design and how it fits in the box to prevent leaks from cats that tend to urinate high. Even comments that are three stars offer positive and critical feedback, to which the customer service team responds with a willingness to work with the customer.

I only received multiple parts of one part of the litter box.
—Angelica, Tuft + Paw

Tuft + Paw claims to not filter their negative reviews, which seems genuine. Out of 785 reviews on the website, 11 of them are negative. Since 2020, the feedback has evolved from issues with delayed shipping to design issues surrounding cat preference and size. In a few cases, there seemed to be a few cases where what customers received wasn’t what they ordered, but Tuft + Paw’s customer service team responded to many of these reviews.

Overall, Is the Cove Litter Box a Good Choice?

Adding a new litter box meant a new bathroom and piece to their playground. Shannon Perry / Cats.com

The Cove Litter Box is an excellent choice for households that can afford to spend the money and who prioritize style but can’t have covered or concealed litter boxes. That said, numerous litter boxes have the same functionality as this but at a lower price point. You do sacrifice style, though.

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